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Check your email to have the opportunity to listen to 15 powerful dialogues among our intergenerational panel of luminaries. Look for it in your inbox for the donation link.
During this event, we’ll be diving deep into the topics change–agents like you care about. The inspiring topics we will be exploring are KEY to support you to face the challenges you may be called to work to overcome
Day 1 New Spiritual Leadership
Day 2 Divine Feminine & Masculine Leadership
Day 3: New Earth Stewardship
Day 4 : Conscious Entrepreneurial Leadership
Day 5: Sustainable Community Leadership
Day 6 :  Awake Leadership Master Class *see below

We go deep and you will have the opportunity to here all the juicy topics during all our presentations.

Introducing an awake organization I am grateful to call our partner for this project.


At the original live 2016 event, we were able to raise over $2500 for clean water in Haiti. Now we are collecting money to keep this community alive and to support ongoing NEW AWAKE LEADERS PROGRAMS in 2017

If this speaks to you, I invite you to purchase the recordings from this event for a donation of $25. You understand that you will get:

  • Access to all 15 interview recordings whenever I want.
  • Exclusive access to Awakened Leadership Master Class
  • I also understand that if I am not satisfied for any reason, I can get a full refund, no questions asked.

My gift to you, if you choose to participate: Your donation grants you free access to Awakened Leadership Master Class with Narayani

I invite you now to join the movement of awake leaders committed to choosing compassionate action and donate $25 or more to BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD AND OWN all the recordings and the master class.

In this class, you will have a chance to:
  • Get clear on what beliefs are keeping you from experiencing fulfillment as a leader
  • How you can shift your perception to connect to the source of your vision
  • What action steps you can take to ground your passions and co-create with your community

Alchemy of Awakened Leadership Virtual Summit was recorded live in May of 2016 and is now available to inspire Awake Leaders to be sustainable like never before


I am thrilled to be able to offer you this incredible event series..
Gratitude, Love & Light ~
Narayani Gaia

10553964_10152468101753333_2370531509247445356_o-2-2For the last 20 years, Narayani Gaia has been initiated into both traditional and modern forms of meditation, movement and healing work while sharing these gifts with others all along the way.

As a student of spirituality. Narayani has sat in many native american ceremonies, received mantra from 5000 year old lineage, swam with whales, went to herbal medicine school and met many spiritual leaders. She has studied folkloric dance and music from central and west Africa since 1993. Narayani has studied 100s of hours of eastern philosophy and healing practices including Qi Gong and Ayurveda.

Narayani Gaia is truly a rainbow child and is connected to Truth in all paths and rooted in LOVE as her guide. Narayani does healing, teaching and mentorship with individuals and groups supporting people to breathe, feel, awaken and thrive around the world. She is the original  founder of New Awake Leadership Global Community & Instructor for The Spiritual Awakening Global Summit Course.

In 2017, Narayani is now offering programs and trainings online and in person with other awake leaders. If you are drawn to co-create a project, please contact us ASAP.



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