Day #4 – Conscious Entrepreneurial Leadership

Quddus Philippe

Developing Content & Presentation (in Conscious Entrepreneurship)

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Quddus Philippe is one of those incandescent people. His is a glow that most people know from his time as a host on MTV’s massive, decade-spanning music video countdown show Total Request Live. But there was always something missing from show business., Now 35.“Direct impact,” he says, “was what I craved more than anything.” The ultimate message iis that while fame and celebrity seem appealing, generosity is actually the new cool.“I’ve had the fame, the money and the image that most people equate to happiness,” he says, “and that’s not where the happiness is. Happiness is in actually loving for and caring for people in a real way.

Jon Block

(Consciously) Speaking & Presenting to Groups

The REPLAY is OVER but if you DONATE $25 or more, you can own all 15 recordings

Through his speaker training & networking organization SPEAKER VENTURE, since 2011, Jon Block has personally mentored over 500 entrepreneurs to use public speaking to dramatically increase their revenue and social impact. These entrepreneurs discover their original voice and their highest contribution, while earning hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jon has spoken on 100+ stages, sharing the stage with the biggest leaders in the entrepreneur and human potential movement. Jon was named 1 of the Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs of 2013 in the annual Tera Awards. Jesse Koren of Thrive Academy said: “Jon cares so much about making a difference for people – he is willing to risk anything. An incredible man.” Jon is most proud of Speaker Venture, which participants have called “life-changing” and “the best event they’ve ever attended.”

Sarah Medicott

Activating Elemental Mindset for your Business

The REPLAY is OVER but if you DONATE $25 or more, you can own all 15 recordings

Sarah supports women entrepreneurs across the globe to generate extraordinary leadership & contribution in their business. Coaching since 1998, she’s served as trainer for the Coaches Training Institute, Thrive Academy & Irresistible Online Marketing.  As founder of The Elemental Woman™ Leadership Program, co-founder of the Women’s Wealth Revolution™, and a New Thought Practitioner, she’s committed to a new paradigm of Spirit- and Generosity-driven business that creates outrageous financial rewards AND contributes to the world in a powerful way. With a background in small business development and international trade, Sarah works with some of the world’s greatest thought leaders to pioneer the future of conscious, transformational business.