Healers, Visionaries, Lightworkers: You are being called…

StarSeed Leadership Program

Year Long Certification Program for Awake Leaders

Your Intention

If your intention is to be a non-dogmatic spiritual guide for others and are looking to step into a new level leadership in the areas of healing, awakening and inspiration for your community and our beautiful planet, then we are aligned with you in your intention. Lets chat!

The Unity Field

Raising of consciousness is happening fast these days because unity field is strong. Unity is a natural state and is our birthright to realize and tap into. When we work with a group field, all the beliefs of separation fade and we tap into infinite flow. We work with Unity field in this year long program to support you to support others in a way that is sustainable.

Your Facilitators

Narayani Gaia & Chief Elk Man offer the energy of sacred feminine and masculine balance to support you to support others in healing, awakening and thriving in today’s intense time of transition into the 5th world of being.

Starseed 2017/2018 Schedule


Full YEAR: March 27 2017 to March 27 2018

TIMES: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 am PST

Sacred Elemental Work
11:11, 12:12 codes
Clearing Space
Ceremonial Protocol
Ancestral Healing
Sacred Feminine & Masculine
Leadership Skills
Natural Laws
Working with Children & Elders
Living White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophesy
Facilitating Groups in your Community
Working with Angels & Guides
Holding Sacred Circles
+ more


(2) 4 day Initiation Retreats include:

Initiations .
Good Food
+ more

2017/2018 DATES
Autumn Equinox – September 21,22,23,24
Spring Equinox – March 19,20,21,22

Happy Valley Retreat Center
Santa Cruz California

* Included in program (transport and meals are your responsibility)


Narayani Gaia & Chief Elk Man offer you 12 healing and coaching sessions.

  • Elk Man offers (6) Spiritual guidance + one-one teaching
  • Narayani offers (6) Remote healing & Spiritual Life Coaching

You are supported to:

  • Decode spiritual messages & dreams
  • Clear and balance your energy field
  • Clarify your gifts & plan launch strategy for your offerings
  • Create personal ceremonies for yourself and others
  • Working with the moon cycles for your personal path


There are a variety of events available for you participation

Star Visions Conference – May 13 & 14 2017

  • Some participants will have chance to speak
  • Attend as work trade and save $144
  • Santa Cruz, CA

Kauai Retreat – Winter Solstice time 2017

  • Participate for FREE ($1111 value)
  • Just pay lodging, food and travel
  • Speak and Present with us

Do you feel called to this program? If so, Lets connect and explore…

This program has already begun for the year but if you are curious about leadership trainings

please CONTACT us – NarayaniGaia@gmail.com