Intro to 5th World Paradigm Leadership

VIDEO #1: Prophesy of 5th World

These times have been prophesied. It was said that humanities greed would go so far in the minds of men that the voice of the mind would take over the loving wisdom of the heart. The thoughts of separation would poison our beautiful Earth and Ancient Indigenous wisdom would emerge to help us all heal. Check out this video with Chief Elk Man as he shares about the other 4 worlds and what the prophesy says about these times we are in.

VIDEO #2: Are you a 5th World Leader?

Tuning into the heart is key to access spiritual energies and align with the cycle of time we are entering now. New Paradigm leaders bring knowledge of 4th world to work with spirit realms..In this video, we get into more details of what 5th world leaders are being guided through.

VIDEO #3: Preparing YOU for Leadership

Working with the elements, we can unlock the keys to the doors of manifesting your intention. You are a powerful and gifted being. We all are. In this video, Narayani shares 4 KEYS to align your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual energies in order to be ready to be a 5th world leaders. ALSO – We make an exciting announcement.. Check this out..

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March 7th- 9th 2017. 10 am PST 

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