Personal Mentorship may be for you if YOU are: *

  • A Healer, Psychic or Indigo.
  • Called to be teaching or facilitating more people in awakening and healing
  • Willing to take responsibility for your life and do the work it takes to be happy and successful
  • Seeking either PERSONAL spiritual support OR support with your practice / vision for business
  • Desire sustainable success sharing your gifts with integrity as a business


Self Healing Mastery


  • You get to recreate your life as if you are totally supported
  • Learning to actually choose from your intuition
  • How to heal your emotional self
  • Figure out how not to take on others energy
  • Accessing guidance from Spirit world at will
  • Learn the tool for breaking out of victim mindset


Full Spectrum Manifesting


  • How to clean up your relationships
  • Manifesting your YES so you can create with positive energy
  • Learn the way to actually be receptive and not defensive
  • Truly creating more prosperity and abundance
  • How to open up star gates with Star Nation + Earth Mother
  • Tools to practice letting go to allow Universe live through you


Mentoring the Mentor


  • Learn time management skills
  • Step into your power as a mentor
  • Begin Making money while serving your community
  • Help more people while walking in integrity
  • Have a new team member to build your business
  • Get support and training while presenting at Narayani’s retreats

Self Healing Mastery

3 month journey

  • 7 private sessions
  • (6) Mp3 meditations
  • (6) Self Inquiry playsheets
  • (6) 30 minute Mp3 talks

Full Spectrum Manifesting

6 month journey

  • 13 private sessions
  • (12) Mp3 meditations
  • (12) Self Inquiry playsheets
  • (12) 30 minute Mp3 talks

Mentoring the Mentor

9 month journey

  • 19 private sessions
  • (12) Mp3 meditations
  • (12) Self Inquiry playsheets
  • (12) 30 minute Mp3 talks
  • Attend Retreat Free – NEXT ONE – April 19-22 2018 more info
*Mentorship involves doing inner and outer work.  What we work on is up to you.

Areas of life you are seeking support with may include: Self Healing, co- Manifesting with Integrity, Mentoring the Mentor

What peeps are saying…

Abigail Hinds, Womb Healer
Berkley, California

Laura Evnin, Reiki Practitioner
Modesto, California

If you are drawn and curious about mentorship, here is what you can expect…

  • accountability over 3-9 months
  • private phone and video sessions
  • remote healing work to clear ancestral unconscious patterns
  • personal training manuals
  • honest and compassionate support to meet your authentic intention

If you have been calling in a spiritual life mentor and this speaks to you…