Welcome to the Replay Page for Leadership Mastery Class

Copy of New Awake Leadership

In the Mastery Class, we got into…

  • How your specific survey responses were driving power for our event
  • What went on behind the scenes in my mind in the process of co-creating the Summit
  • What major THEMES & teachings emerged amongst all of our incredible speakers as tools to support ALL OF US in these times of AWAKENING
  • What some next steps are you can take to stay connected and inspired as an Awakening Leader

Awake Leadership Alchemizing Final Wrap Up Class

What inspires you on path of awakened leadership?

How do you stay inspired? What is your unique super power?

What needs to shift in order for you to stay passionate

about your sacred service in the world?


I want to know. Let’s connect and discover YOUR VISION for SACRED SERVICE

To do that, I invite you to a one – one visioning consult with me