Introducing: Awakened Life School

Core Training March 2019- June 2019

Self Mastery

Self Mastery Training works with a 12 themed Higher Self Embodiment system. This system already exists within the fabric of your energy. Think of the themes are the thread that weaves the fabric that makes up a vessel that once full, overflows and becomes a self sourcing well.

In this immersive course, you awaken the magic that you have always held within yourself….

Self Mastery trains you to:

  • Get beyond ego/personal identity to be a vessel for sacred service
  • Access your sensational awareness body to help quiet the mind
  • Raise your vibration without emotionally bypassing
  • Have strong boundaries without putting up walls
  • Discover your inner meridian pathways to heal yourself
  • Direct energy to recharge your field and end exhaustion
  • Manifest your deep desires in alignment with your soul’s calling


  • Access your intuition and get guidance on anything in your life
  • Learn how to balance your energy at will
  • Discover what it takes for you to trust yourself and others
  • Quickly access Unconditional Love for self and others
  • Transform energy, thoughts and feelings at will – without bypassing
  • Co-Create the life your soul wants in order to evolve
  • Live life on purpose and how to inspire others to do the same


MARCH 12 2018 – JUNE 24 2019

What is included

  • 3 LIVE VIDEO classes per month.
  • 3 private sessions a month
  • LIVE retreat Santa Cruz mountains MAY 9-12 Santa Cruz area
  • A circle of amazing people who are willing to do inner work.
  • Workbook with Seff -Inquiry sheets
  • 12 Unique Meditations


If this training evokes your curiosity, lets explore