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Awake Leaders are needed more than ever before as we are being called to co-create a sustainable world that is rooted in conscious choices that benefit all. We’re longing to share our lights and do so in a way that is both personally and globally sustainable.

We know there is an urgent need to help heal the past, stay present AND prepare for the future. We have questions and this event will provide answers to address the challenges of today’s leaders.

  • Where can we give our energy and attention in order to make our greatest contribution?
  • What are some of the inner and outer obstacles in our way?
  • And how might we work together and support each other in this process?
During this global gathering, we’ll lean into these and other critical questions facing new awake leaders who want to truly bring about lasting changes within and throughout our magnificent world.
Narayani has brought together 15 leading wisdom-keepers, medicine people, new thought leaders and change-agents. Our incredible speakers list includes: John Gray, Sally Kempton, Lee Holden, Susun Weed, Meenakshi Angel Honig, Adam Apollo, Pema Khandro Rinpoche, Quddus Philippe, Sarah Medlicott, LeTa Jussila, Nilima Bhat, David Casey, Carin Winter and Denise Marie Hatch.
In these conversations, we will be engaging in the most important questions we face as new awake leaders making a difference and we humbly invite you to participate with us.

16 Master Teachers are Your Guides

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