We are not victims of life, circumstance or other people’s energy. Everything I experience is a refection of me. I am committed to owning 100% of my life in Divine Partnership with Sacred Source.

This awareness does not reject that there’s trauma abuse or pain in the world. It opens up the door actually for me to make another choice. It’s the doorway to Freedom as I see as a spiritual being having a human experience¬†🌎👣❤️

On this morning of Summer, I invite you to breathe into the power of possibility beyond blaming others for your life, your feelings, your failures.

Be strong and claim who you are, what you want and why you are here. Let’s lift everyone up around with compassion and action.

Think big friend. The world is more than ready for your love. It is up to you to create the manifested results in partnership with the Mother Earth and our Universe and bring light and love everywhere you go. We are all children hungry for our soul’s collective evolution and worthy of healing, compassion and abundance.

Leave no one out. And lets rise together. It’s time. We are one.

How does this post land for you? Please share your thoughts below.