You are a being of love and light. You know this in your core. Science now proves we are made of light in our cells. Spiritual Masters breathe this awareness into our collective mind to reflect the truth of who we are. That said, LIFE IS INTENSE RIGHT NOW for everyone.

As light and lovely that you are, you still need to be able to find your center in order to walk in balance.

It is up to each of us, as adults, to choose what we do with our thoughts and our energy. It is up to you to find peace within amongst these times of upheaval. One way I find peace amongst all these times is to take time to be quiet and reset to remember the FEELING of being a Divine being having a human experience. Below is a new free meditation I created to support you to relax, feel light, love and peace. Let me know how it lands for you.  Enjoy.

Awakening to Light Meditation

Finding Inner peace in these times