Needing someone else’s energy to be different so you can keep your vibe high is not a sign of spiritually awake loving person. Sorry I did not always know this. But now I do.

Women. You are on the path of awakening the feminine and want to be HONORED and RESPECTED by the people around you?

Please start by honoring yourself and your feelings and your needs and then please teach those around you to honor their feelings and needs. Make space for people who want to share whats on their heart. ESPECIALLY if they are going through a hard time.

Learn to not react to someones sincere desire to express their feelings. Build strength and DO NOT BYPASS ! ESPECIALLY if you re a healer. BE WILLING to be uncomfortable temporarily, breathe and own your resistance to LOVE.

Awake love is wide and being willing to be uncomfortable is CRUCIAL in these times. Please breathe and expand your love to those in need around you. And ask for help if you are feeling a need to be more loved.