Healers, Indigos, Visionaries, Lightworkers: You are being called…

StarSeed Facilitator Training

Private Customized Program for Awake Leaders

Your Intention

If your intention is to be a non-dogmatic spiritual guide for others and are looking to step into a new level leadership in the areas of healing, awakening and inspiration for your community and our beautiful planet, then we are aligned with you in your intention. Lets chat!

The Unity Field

Raising of consciousness is happening fast these days because unity field is strong. Unity is a natural state and is our birthright to realize and tap into. When we work with a group field, all the beliefs of separation fade and we tap into infinite flow. We work with Unity field in this year long program to support you to support others in a way that is sustainable.

Getting Support

In order to step OUT OF OVERWHELM and into co-creative manifesting, it is helpful to have the reflection of a coach or guide to help you navigate the TRUTH inside your own being. We are all angels on Earth and are here to support the unfolding of our gifts together. No person is an island. Your vision is bigger than you.

Your Guide

Narayani Gaia works with groups of men and women to offer healing and events that uplift, empower and unify communities – one person at a time. She has 20 + years walking the path of sacred service and is committed to supporting others to be their potential in alignment with the heart of greatest good of all.

Starseed Training Details

Higher Self Embodiment Training

This Training is for you if you are:

  • a healer, yogi. massage therapist or spiritual seeker with several years experience working with others
  • wanting to be teaching or facilitating more people in awakening and healing
  • willing to take responsibility for your life and do the work it takes to be happy and successful
  • a practitioner wanting support with your practice/ vision for business
  • called to be a compassionate and effective group facilitator and need training

Practitioner Business Coaching

This offering is for those practitioners who have done YEARS of INNER work and just need the outer coaching support. Topics include:

  • Clarify your gifts & plan launch strategy for your offerings
  • Branding
  • Copy
  • Funnels
  • Event Planning
  • Time Management support
  • Accountability

Facilitatior Training Retreat

4 day Overnight Event includes:

  • Ceremony / Prayer
  • Art / Music
  • Organic Meals. Yummm!
  • Group Bunks (Bedding provided)
  • Facilitation Training

2018 DATES
Spring Equinox – March 22-25th 2018

Private Mountain Location near Santa Cruz, California

* Included in ALL PRIVATE TRAINING programs 6 months or more.

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