The Invitation

Narayani Gaia is here to support you in your path of awakening, healing service and freedom. She is committed to supporting those who are leaders, healers and guides for others. Whether you are already doing your dharma in the world or are wanting to step forward in a new way, we may be able to help you. Please check out the below offerings.


Activation Mentorship

  • is for the healer, yogi. massage therapist or spiritual seeker with several years experience working with others
  • is for those who wanting to be teaching or facilitating more people in awakening and healing
  • is for you if you are willing to take responsibility for your life and do the work it takes to be happy and successful
  • if you want support with your practice/ vision for business
  • prepares you to be a group facilitator

Energy Healing

These sessions support healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. These are in person and also remotely. Issues can be on a story that is keeping you feeling on the hamster wheel or stagnant around issues of health, disease, family issues, love, awakening, identity crises.

Narayani offers remote energy healing to heal ancestral patterns and to clear and balance your field. IN PERSON in SATNA CRUZ or REMOTELY.

When we each take time to do the inner work of letting go of pain and suffering, we make room for love light and joy to emerge. This is the goal of this work.


Awake Leadership Training

12 month program begins each spring for healers and light workers. Raising of consciousness is happening fast these days because unity field is strong. Unity is a natural state and is our birthright to realize and tap into. When we work with a group field, all the beliefs of separation fade and we tap into infinite flow. We work with Unity field in this year long program to support you to support others in a way that is sustainable. Next program 2018.

Do you feel called  to work with Narayani?

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