Healers, Visionaries, Lightworkers, Yogis…You are being Called…

You know your guidance is SPOT on because It FEELS good in the body

You are able to directly apply intuitive guidance to daily life for self and others

The path of service is inspiring and your work feels joyful and uplifting

When you lead others, they have life changing experiences and you feel on purpose

AND….we all need support. Including YOU!

Awake leaders need support to be able to support others

Your Gift – 4 Free Guided Meditations

RAINBOW BODY: Chakra Journey
Takes you through your Chakras to align with Higher Self

We are all at peace at the core. This practice takes you into that place that is always there awaiting to be remembered

This is a traditional Yoga Practice that translates to Yoga Sleep. All of the energy bodies align as you drop into WITNESS perspective and into your true self. It is best practiced after home asana practice

PRESENCE: Being With What Is
When you can BE with whatever you feel, think or perceive, the nature state of full acceptance  settles within you naturally. This meditation helps you experience true contentment

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